Relativism has been viewed to be an ethical perception of both the moral rights and wrong concerning different culture and time. The internet is one of the subjects viewed differently by the diverse ethical and religious groups. This is all because the internet known to provide relevant information especially when it comes to academic work, socially through shared entertainment and also a source of entertainment i.e. listening to gospel music. Despite all the mentioned positive things about the internet, it is also known to posses some moral decay that seems to sway the society into immoral behavior. Materials concerning violence through the movies and pornography are among the moral decay in the society. This is because moral decay stuff is known to be watched by the majority as compared to the right materials over the internet and in some cases whatever that is watched end up being practiced in real life.

Animals’ rights debate has been everywhere to come up with a solution of whether an animal have an obligation to be treated well or they do not have the rights. The moral code of the human society has been only focusing on the human nature, its pleasure and pain, thinking, social nature, value of freedom and other positive things. It never cares the values also an animal needs for it to survive in nature. Instead, nature treats them in a harsh and unwanted ways. Nevertheless, human society needs to recognize that, animals also deserve some moral respect from them. This is because if something is alive, then that thing possesses inherent value. Respect for nature propagates that all the living things, which also strive to stay alive, have inherent value. Responsibility to protect animals from any harm and sickness is one of the duties needed because as much as the animals need us, we also need them for survival purposes when it comes to food because that is how nature defines people.

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