An organization can either prosper or suffer very negative impacts depending on how well the ethical lapses are dealt with. In many cases, such ethical lapses can be averted if dealt with professionally and avoidance of such happenings in good time. Human resource management is one of the key pillars in any organization without which, the publics will fail to understand how the organization operates. Many organizations which failed to give utmost importance in their human resource as well as lacks mechanism to deal with ethical lapses, have experienced negative impacts where some of such organization have failed to re-establish their confidence to their clients and in the eyes of the public, they have been viewed with disarray.

Ethical lapses can cost a company a lot of money and damage which such organizations will take much time to recover from it. In March 2006, Siemens Company which had over 480.000 employees and sales of over 113 billion dollars got a big blow from its ethical lapses. Some of these lapses included corruption dealings to win Italian natural gas contracts, forming sham business and fixing market prices. The repercussions were not good for the company since it was fined, and their dealings came to lime light, greatly affecting its operations and profit margins which declined (Alan, 2006).

I therefore find it appropriate to be sitting in all strategic meeting with the aim of pinpointing how some of the companies’ decision can impact negatively to the organization. At times, ethical lapses may happen unknowingly or not looking in an in-depth, the effects of such decisions. Having a great experience in the field of ethics, I believe I will be of value in guiding the decision makers on the ethical aspect of decisions made, and where possible, fine tune such decision to limit and minimize ethical lapses.

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