Environmental Ethics Essay example

Ethics and values has for long been associated with philosophy and religion. However, in a world dominated by a plurality of values, decisions regarding Mother Nature must be given as place. This is what Jamieson challenges to include environmental ethics inn the hierarchy of decisions in the human society.  The benefits that man derives from upholding moral values in relation to the environment are various. However, the economic and industrial significance of the environment can only be visible if the plurality of values is balanced against the need to preserve Mother Nature.

The fact that we depend greatly on nature for own survival and existence underscores the need for our values and relationship with the environment to be morally ethical. Jamieson postulates that in making decisions regarding the environment, objective assessment and consideration of the impact of such decisions on nature is necessary. The impacts of economic, social, cultural and political decisions on the environment must thus be measured against the scale of environmental ethics to ensure there is significant environment protection.

Striking a balance between our plurality of values and environmental decisions requires inclusion of environmental issues in the hierarchy conventional moral order of values. The principles of environmental ethics must be given opportunity in all the decisions that are made. This will enhance sustainability of animal and human livelihoods. Jamieson contends that as values get transformed in the age of industrialization and modernity, the industrial decisions, for example in the developed countries must take note of the place of nature even in sustaining the philosophies of values and ethics of an industrial society.

In conclusion, in the plurality of values, priority must be given to protection of the ecosystem. This is the source of livelihood even for the planners of resource from Mother Nature. In order to effectively deal with challenging issues of environment and conserve it for future generations, environmental issues have to be part of our values.

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