Duskas Conception Of Loyalty Free Essay Example

Concerns about ethics will not remain central in managerial thinking. As times changes, so are some of the beliefs, rules and terms we work with. According to Duska, loyalty is an act of sacrifice that is meant to favor the interest of the public in spite the accusations made against the whistle blower. The business world is changing, and so are some of the rules that govern it so that they might be able to accommodate the changes. Different countries and societies are also affecting this. In some countries, one must strictly stay within his/her boundaries of the authority. In others, one can go beyond his/her boundary of authority as long as it is meant to make a certain job done that will benefit the business. Duska disagrees with the condemnation of whistle blowing as a disloyalty act. Duska (2007, pg335) claims that only a Good Samaritan can ‘whistle blow’ as they call it, so as to save the interest of a company, or expose disloyal individuals.

As many continue to believe that whistle blowing at a workplace is a disloyal act, a couple of facts should be considered before judging the victim. These are such as; the motive of the whistle blower, the impacts of the act and the people involved. At some point, some concerns will become less important as years go by. Managers are becoming friendly with their employee and so the strictness and harshness has subsided. People have come to know that no single job or position is permanent. They have also known that it takes two to tangle and so no business can entirely survive with a ‘one man’s show’ (Shaw, 2004).

Ethics is there to govern the concerned people to run the business morally and legally. As time moves, most people are more concerned about making profits and leading in the business world than following the rule book in running the business. Loyalty means being responsible and accountable for anything that happens in an organization, or any working place. Managers are now interested in the results more than how you got the results. Later managers will not completely discard the ethics, rules and morals that have always been followed, but they will be more lenient than how they were in the past. Duska is a philosopher who believes that unity is all that is required for efficiency in working (Duska, 2007).

As we can now observe, there are a lot more businesses than there were some ten or twenty years ago.  This means that the competition is higher than it was then. People are willing to do almost anything just to stay ahead of the competition. In future, the situation will not be any better. The competition will be stiffer and so many businesses will do almost anything to be ahead of the track. Am not suggesting that everything will get out of control, and everybody will run their businesses how they wish, am just suggesting that the rules will more lenient, and managers will concentrate more on the results more than how one got them. This will not happen to all the managers because there are those who will still keep the rules (Hill, 2008).

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