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Free Example of Communication Essays and Research Papers

Communication is a really vast topic and it encompasses a lot of elements. To begin with there has to be a medium, a sender and a recipient. These are the very basic elements in communication. In this discussion though, we will look at various subjects in the field of communication.

First let us look at intercultural communication. This is a term that is used to refer to the variety of communication issues that arise within an organization which comprise of individuals from different religious, social, ethnic and technical backgrounds. Effective intercultural communication is essential for the success of an organization. An organization should ensure that there are no culture differences so as to avoid any negative impact on its overall performance. Culture differences reflect themselves in a variety of ways. For example, a cultural norm could have a different conception of time than another, or a different idea of what constitutes appropriate body language and personal space when engaged in conversion.

Self disclosure can be defined as the conscious or unconscious act of showing others or revealing to others more about ourselves. One may reveal his/ her thoughts, aspirations, objectives or goals in life, feelings, likes, dislikes and even dreams and fears. Self disclosure usually starts after the initial meeting between two individuals and grows after the relationship builds. It is exclusively through communication that self disclosure happens. Self disclosure is an essential element for intimacy.

The other subject we will talk about is the self in human communication. In human relations, individuals interact with each other in a variety of situations- as friends, peers, subordinates and superiors. It is very essential for organizations or even the society to provide the opportunity for individual satisfaction. Also one is said to always be in a relationship with oneself. That is an individual should check if he/she is happy with him/herself, if the individual is happy with others or with the society. This is because for any communication to exist there has to be an individual and all the qualities of that individual do matter in communication.

Lastly let us look at perception. This is very interesting topic in communication. It is because it is more of a cognitive process. Perception is basically the action of people in an effort to learn about their environment and using what they have learnt to guide their actions.