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Ethics Reflection Paper Essay

Ethical Reflection Paper Free Essay Example

What are ethics? Like in any other place, good conduct is very essential at work place and in any business. Every member of the work force has to appreciate the need to behave and carry themselves in accordance with set rules and regulations. Differentiating between good and bad is generally the fundamental baseline of promoting ethics at workplace. Both ethics and social play a significant role in business especially by creating a business environment which augments maximum production among employees. Ethics also involve an evaluation of specific actions in accordance with standard values of business. Many business owners and even employees find themselves in ethical dilemmas and in situations which call for a defined decision based on what is right. Numerous people in the world have lost jobs or experienced the crumbling of their businesses due to unethical approach in panning and implementation of policies (McNamara). Nevertheless, the greatest challenge among businessmen is usually the inability to choose between profit and morality.

You cannot talk about fairness and justice in business minus ethics. From these, a manager is able to appreciate the contribution of every stakeholder. As a result, there is every need for the incorporation of ethics and social responsibility in developing strategic plans which are usually aimed at bringing growth in business. Although many authors refer to ethics and social responsibility as business practices, their roles go beyond the perception of many. Why is social responsibility important? There is no individual or business which operates in a vacuum. All business activities take place in a societal setting made up of people with varying personalities and diverse expectations. Social responsibility therefore focuses on the impact of the strategic pan on the entire society without using business and workforce as the defining boundaries. This is to say that ethics mainly influence individuals’ decision making towards strategic planning whereas social responsibility affects the society.  The two concepts have a strong link although they are somehow viewed as distinct (Vitell, Paolillo & Thomas, 2003, p. 63). To enhance these two, an understanding of decisions mad by marketers is very important with adherence to operational law taking center stage.

Ethics and social responsibility therefore play a pivotal role in strategic planning. When a plan is formulated ethically, it implies that the motive of every activity and the driving force beyond every idea is within the law. Stakeholders need to be at the heart of the managers especially when such a plan is being developed. Can a business, company, corporations and even firms run without stakeholders? They are definitely outstanding with regard to the running of every activity through consensus decisions. Ethical approach ensures that the needs of all stakeholders are placed forward without intimidation (McNamara).

Like millions of people in the world who experience changes in life, my ethical perspective has tremendously evolved. I have come to appreciate whole heartedly the irreplaceable role of stakeholders and through meetings and allowing them to feel honored. This has been achieved through adoption of decisions made and consulting them in time of need throughout the program.