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Disasters in the World Essay Example

Low tolerance and social irregularities will ultimately make the terrorists. Terrorism is the most concerned issue of the century. It begins with the high intensity from 9/11 and still constant. The very horrible terrorist attacks have been occurred on the land due to the low tolerance of social animals. Therefore, it cannot be denied that social animal or human kind is the biggest bone of contention on the earth. The proactive anti terrorism strategy is utmost need of the time. It is now responsibility of every human kind to monitor and give proper response to the law enforcement agencies to act timely and retract the emergent emergency environment which is terrifying and distorting the whole world.

Based on the above description, what type of disaster do you believe happened at this instance?

It is some type of a very heavy planted bob blast or type of a suicidal attack which always create the worst panic. The intensity and real time experience can help to tell the actual ironic situation and disaster. However, keeping in mind the description provided it looks like very heavy bob blast. After very next moment a guard calling to 9-1-1 about the horrified even that happened and his explanation tells that the blast has busted at large scale.

What would the first three actions you would take if you considered it to be a terrorist attack?

I personally take three actions after that kind of terrorist attract that are calling the emergency service 9-1-1, mobilizing the people and responding to the affected ones. My first step would be to call the emergency services to have them right in time. The second step which I take would be mobilizing the people to participate as first aid rescue service. And the third one would be responding to the affected people to help them in that disastrous situation. Nevertheless, for all this it is important to train the citizens to overcome that kind of situation by themselves as first rescue aid. It also will reduce the chances of causalities and make it less disastrous.

Whom would you immediately contact and what would you tell them or ask of them?

My first call would be to the emergency service 9-1-1 because they are most concerned and expert to manage the disastrous situation. I obviously tell them about the blast and the situation prevailing herein. It is genuinely perfect to call on time to the right one.

Since the shoppers are panic-stricken what are your most significant fears if order isn’t quickly restored?

It is not about order it is about life and death. Obviously I should go for helping the affected people in the blast and not to care about the restoration of order. Humanity is first and materials always come second in my life.

What recommendations/advice would you provide the disaster coordinator/Incident Commander at this time?

I think the coordinators are well trained to handle the situation like that. However, I should participate to convey the real scenario and help them to properly overcome the situation in its entireness. And do my best together.

Briefly describe what you consider should be an appropriate media response to this disaster scenario.

Media should be reserve to not create more panic and make it possible to coordination with the agencies and emergency management teams. It obviously make it possible to not to spread the dilemmatic and crisis situation. So, media and emergency management agencies should work together to handle the disastrous situations. And not to create panic.

The Application of Cost Management and Life-Cycle Cost Theory to Homeland Security National Priorities by Robert Hall and Erica Dusenberry Dimitrov.

The article by Hall and Dimitrov also constitutes the terrorism and preparedness for rescuing the world from terrorist attracts. It describes that a nation should prepare themselves to prevent, protect and respond to the terrorist attract. It also include the up gradation to the equipment and citizens training program which include huge financial in it. The cost effectiveness is also specifically defined in this article.