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World War II and the Vietnam War Essay: Comparison

Free Example Essay on Vietnam War

The wars that were previously fought showed that America was and is still a super power with a lot of emphasis by the movies that have been previously produced of all the historical wars that have been fought in the entire history o the world.

In this paper we are going to exploit this possibility and see if it was true or we are being misled by the indulgent of America in the wars we are going to preview between the Stalingrad that was about the World War 2 and The Iron Triangle (1989) about the Vietnam War.

The two films depicts about the war that were historic and brought lots of deaths and injustice done to the people who lived during the time the wars were being fought causing lots of damage and destruction to mankind.

In the Stalingrad the movie is all about the World War 2 that occurred in 1939allthe way to 1945 whereas The Iron Triangle is about the Vietnam War that occurred in the 1987 all the movies are about the wars and the contribution of America in the wars to end the wars and if America never got in the wars it would take forever for the war to come to an end.

A synopsis of the two war movies shows how America through its solders shows there experience in the wars and emerging victorious. Therefore, giving it status that is a superpower as it has got well trained cops and best military equipments as the other countries in the world.

In the films they are mostly acted in the bushes were the soldiers showing a sense of guerilla war outdo there opponents through there trained and intellectual skills and some scenes of invaded villages were the defeated soldiers go and seek refuge in the areas occupied by civilians. In return it causes death of the unarmed people thus it shows the brutalities of the soldiers and how they have no mercy as in the movie Stalingrad were the soldiers have no mercy and when they capture civilians including a young boy.

The characters used are also very arrogant and they tend to act tough to the extent of showing that they are very powerful with no mercy at all they apply lots of force in whatever they engage in especially in schemes where they have meet an enemy they will tend to violently hit them so hard in order to show that they are in charge and they have also gone through training in there respective training (Worldwar2history, 2001).

The lighting used in war scenes is dark, I believe it’s because the producers want to give an illusion of fear to the viewer thus giving it e sense of reality and they also add sound effects to raise the adrenaline of viewer this also help to give the films a reality and flow.

The films aren’t that similar cause of the different settings as they are acted in different localities one in the Vietnam another one in Germany and they also portray different skills of the soldiers as in the Stalingrad that was about the World War 2 the Russian soldiers are seen as the most influential as they partnered with the Americans to outdo the Germans where as The Iron Triangle (1989) the Americans are depicted to be the victorious over the Vietnamese soldiers (Harvey,2002).

The movies always showed the important role that was played by the Americans and there input in the stopping of the war in both the movies the American solders eventfully came out as the winners that had to chip in and win the wars and in both the movies the enemy is portrayed as a weak and less skilled soldiers that didn’t have the up to date military machines and no arranged way of attacking.

In both the films the winner is seen as the team that has a many soldiers alive and they are also seen as the side that leads in the killing the opponent and helps in the humanitarian aids not killing the civilians out of frustrations and this really enabled in determining the winner in the war, the machinery used also helps in the determining of the winner of the war.