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Business , Society & Ethics | Essay Example

According to Fraedrich and Ferrell, business, society and ethics can be defined as an inquiry into the nature and ground of morality in the society and business world where people consider the term morality to mean moral judgment, standards and rules of conduct. This means that the society is expected to do their businesses in an ethical manner and in accordance to the set rules that they consider being acceptable. The most important thing that I learnt is household management; which means providing households with the meaning to life. This is important to because I believe that there is a need to improve the living standards of household members. This can be done by providing for their needs and making them live a comfortable life.

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One of the most important lessons learnt is about Jesus attitudes towards money and earthly riches. This is because his teachings help us to live according to his will hence it facilitates better lives. Other important lessons learnt were; how to spend money and the love that one should have for his or her enemies. The lesson about spending money with my enemies is very interesting. This is because most people tend to ignore their enemies especially when they are in problems. I find the lesson important because it has changed my attitude and made me be better towards my enemies. Hence, I would like to study the issue in detail to enable me to stay close to my enemies, help them in time of need and even help in improving their living standards. People should be taught on how to handle their enemies because most of them tend to create a gap between them and their enemies, some choose to revenge while others accuse them falsely. People should realize that this is not right because it only worsens the situation

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The issue of taking another man’s property in order to succor the needs of a neighbor caught me by surprise. This is because I thought that this is an act of acquiring another person’s property without permission which is often referred to as stealing. This issue is challenging because I believe in borrowing, which sounds better than taking another person’s property without his or her knowledge. As much as life is a learning process, am not convinced that is right to take others’ property without their consent. However, there is the need to explain this point further for clarity and better understanding. On the other hand, I did not like the Calvinist idea of using money to make money. This is because it is an act of violating the natural law. They should lay emphasis on hard work for a better life because a good life not all about money and the bible insists in hard work.

In conclusion, life is not all about money but how people relate with each other; solve their problems, and which enables them to live a better life. The reading should have, therefore, covered other factors and issues. For instance, it should have addressed rules and standards that enable people to live a better life; because it has mainly focused on wealth and there is more to that.