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Bullying the Boss Essay Example

Workplace Bullying Essay Example

Workplace bullying simply refers to the repeat sequence of actions by an individual or a group of individuals, aimed at humiliating, degrading, intimidating and undermining an employee or a group of employees. Bullying in the workplace results, in employees, feeling defenseless and, powerless and, undermines their dignity as human beings. Workplace bullying is unfair and employees should never put up with it even if it means losing their jobs.

There are three types of organizational justice and the one that closely resembles work place bullying is interactional justice. Interactional justice is the treatment that individuals receive from by their superiors when decisions are being made. it also refers to talking to them with sensitivity and, respect.  Interactional justice closely represents work place bullying in that the individuals being bullied are able to determine if they are being treated with dignity, consideration and respect. An unjust case may be entirely impartial in the eyes of another and, for this reason, the individuals, are in a better position to see whether they are being bullied or not.

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Workplace bullying more often than not lowers employees’ self esteem, makes them feel insecure and inadequate. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs says that an individual’s self efficacy is tremendously affected when they are bullied. As a result of this, such employees will experience a further deterioration in their already damaged self efficacy, their need for power, affiliation and, accomplishment and will want to remain in the lower ranks because they feel inadequate.

If I were a victim of workplace bullying, I would let the person who is bullying me know that it is inappropriate for them to do so because they may not be aware of their actions. However, if they fail to listen and continue with the same behavior, I will seek the involvement of the management, if this person is not part of the management. However, if the bully is a member of the management, then I will approach a trade union representative. If all these informal efforts prove to be unsuccessful, then I will make a formal complaint and back it up with written evidence of every bullying incident. In the second situation where my colleague is being bullied by a supervisor, I would ask the associate to find a convenient time to talk to the supervisor. If not, then I will ask her to use the legal system because such an approach is bound to be successful and, will instill policies in the company that will protect the employees.

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There are several factors that contribute to work place bullying and, they include low-self esteem, insecurity and lack of self confidence. Sometimes workplace bullying is as a result of the organizational culture and employees’ see it as normal behavior. Bullies are both a product of the environment and flawed personalities. Such people will walk over what comes between them and their goals and, they end up becoming bullies. Examples of those with defective personalities are the narcissistic, who believe that they are better. They show little or no empathy for their coworkers and they end up bullying them. Another group of people with flawed personality are the perfectionists (Oade, 2009). It is difficult to work with perfectionists. This is because they believe that the work that other employees in the company do will never be as good as they would have done it. Furthermore, women are more likely to be bullied than men because some men will speak out regardless of whether they are speaking to their boss or the administration.

Work place bullying is inappropriate and studies have shown that it results in stressful work environments and, subsequently low productivity. The management of every company should put measures in place to protect their employees against bullying. Employees should also play their part and, speak out when they are bullied in the workplace, and, through the proper procedures bring it to attention.