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Breast Cancer Essay Example

Free breast cancer Essay Example

Breast cancer is a disease which has really been pinpointed in the world to be very dangerous mostly to the women. This paper clearly points out its causes, treatments, causes and its preventions.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a condition whereby there is a formation malignant cells in the breast tissue. The disease is usually considered heterogeneous: it differs by age, group individual or even the types of cells found in the tumors themselves. This disease develops from the lining cells found in the breast lobules (Brody, Pressman & Hirshaut, 2008).

Breast cancer is caused by various factors. These factors may cumulatively contribute to its development or can be independent factors.

These cause factors are as discussed below:

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  • Age– the development of breast cancer is directly proportional with age. It is rarely common in women aged 35 years and below, but those aged 50 years and above contribute 80% of breast cancers victims.
  • Previous breast cancer– If a woman had had cancer before, and then it is most likely that she is prone to getting another tumor development.
  • Family history– Breast cancer is mostly prone to families with inherited disorders. If a member in a family once had breast cancer, then high chances are that a person in that lineage will have it too.
  • Genetic mutations– Scientist have found out that there are some genes that are hereditary. Descendants of a given group of people who had a given type of genetic genes are prone to pass those genes down to their descendants.
  • Hormones– Women with long time exposure to certain hormones are likely to get breast cancer. Such hormones like estrogens.

Some hormones also used by women to relieve their menopause my lead to one getting breast cancer.

The treatment to be performed on a cancer normally depends on the tumour type and sometime the extent to which it has advanced in its development stages. Its sensitiveness is also considered, either it is sensitive to some hormones in the body. In addition, it can be treated based on whether the cancer has overproduced a certain gene in the body called HER2/neu (Fallowfield &  Clark, 2002).

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  • Early developing cancer– This cancer normally refers to the cancer, which is only confined to that particular breast and the corresponding lymph glands, found in the armpit, usually known as axial, on one side body.
  • Locally advanced cancer- This is the cancer, which has not develop beyond the breast, but has affected the surrounding breast skin.
  • Advanced cancer- this cancer has gone beyond the breast surrounding to other major body parts.

The common treatments performed on cancer are:

  • There is generally less pain felt by the affected woman.
  • There is usually a lump in the breast noticed by the affected person, which is in her breast tissue. This lump can be visible when the woman is washing her body.
  • There is a change in the skin color. There might be a dimple in the skin and some few wrinkles.
  • In some cases, the breast may swell and turns to an orange-like color due to the blockage of fluid drainage from the breast.
  • At times, there is a lump under the arm, which is a clear indication that it has spread to the lymph glands.
  • There is sometimes a nipple discharging some fluid. This fluid can be yellow in colour, bloody and might contain pus.
  • In advanced cancer, there is a bone pain and skin ulcer.

If a woman is aged 35 years old, then tamoxifen is the recommended type of treatment.

The risk of getting a breast cancer can be reduced by carrying out mastectomy surgery. However, this reduces the chance of getting it, but does not fully eliminate its risks factors, which include a person’s genes and family history.

The type of food being eaten by a person prone to getting cancer should also be the recommended ones, namely:

Breast cancer has been clearly been pointed out in the world to be very dangerous mostly to women. This disease has its dangerous effects which really torments the person with it. People should then take caution of what they take in their daily meals to avoid getting this killer disease now becoming common in our lives (Oktay, 2005).