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Brazil and Argentina Essay Example

Argentina Essay Examples


The two countries of Latin America, Brazil and Argentina, are rich in their taste of music. Both the countries have very rich history in music and have many noteworthy musicians who have played an important role in the music scene of their country and the world. The folk music of Argentina and Brazil is very famous in the country side region of their countries. The music in both the countries has been influenced by many people of different nationalities so one will find great diversity in their music.

Music of Brazil

The passionate music of Brazil is full of joy and emotions, and it is always ready to involve new forms of music in it. The musical history of the country dates back to 15th century and historians think that music of Brazil was originated from then onwards (McCann, 2004). It has taken many things from other nations and countries as well, but the original flavor of the music of Brazil is easily identified in the songs that flow in the air of the country (Brazilian Music, 2010).

Lamartine and Babo are considered pioneer of the music in Brazil and they are the people who can be credited for the beautiful music of Brazil (McCann, 2004 p.4). The genre of music these two did was a mixture of Samba and European march. There music was aired between 1930’s and 50’s and this was the beginning of commercial music in the country.

The folk music of the country is also very rich and it is famous in the villages of Brazil. Maracatu, Afoxe, Samba- reggae and capoeira music are the famous kinds of folk music in the country.

Both female and male artists have given a lot of good music to the people of Brazil. Carmen Miranda and Angela Maria are considered as female icon in the country, and they, along with other female singers have taken Brazilian music to new heights.

Samba is the most famous music of the country that is known to the world and nearly everyone related to music knows about Samba. Apart from that there are other forms of music like Bossa Nova, Brazilin hip hop music, Choro, Forro and Brazilian rock are also very famous in the country and the music scene of the country is ever growing and very tasteful.

Music of Argentina

The country of Argentina is known for its rich traditions and culture. The music of Argentina, especially the Tango is very popular all over the world. The main artists of the country are Mercedes Sosa and Atahualpa Yupanqui, and they popularized the music in the country. The music of the country is very rich and is a representative of different people of the country (Music; The Greatest Expression, 2007).

There are many kinds of music in the country like classical music, rock music, Folk music, rock and roll music and tango. These genres of music are liked by different kinds of people of the country and this makes the country extremely diverse in its music. Aztor Piazllo is considered one of the greatest musicians of the country as he is famous for revitalizing Tango in mid 70’s (Azzi & Collier, 2000). Many cultures have influenced music of Argentina so one can find European touch in Argentine music.


The music of two countries is very diverse and rich. The local culture and traditions of the country like the Winter Festival in Brazil have influenced the music greatly. One difference is in the female participation in music, as in Argentina not many females take part in music while in Brazil there are many female singers and musicians. Other than that both the countries have a great music structure and scene.