Jonathan Edwards is a greatest preacher in the New England and his thinking ability proved that he is one of the superior intellects before the 1900 A.D. He is from Western Hemisphere and born in Connecticut in 1703. He educated at the Yale University. He is an interested person in Natural Science and he is very attentive towards the discovery of the Newton laws. In the age of 14 he read the writings of John Locke, and then onwards he followed the words of John Locke and become the follower of him.

Jonathan Edwards is a preacher who writes differently than other writers. His writings like “Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God” have revealed some arguments in his writings. His works are so emblematic and the reader can easily attracted toward his writings. He is imaginative, metaphoric and we get smiles in our face while readings his writings. He frequently repeats his points in his work to propose his views clearly in the work. In his work he mainly preached the reader to stop doing the sin activities and become god by doing good activities.

His work Divine and Supernatural Light reveals some great philosophy in following the good life that leads to a dive light. It is important to understand what is not “Divine and Supernatural Light”. The Divine and Supernatural Light cannot be seen in Naked eye and it is not impression that is left by others. Rather it is not imaginative thing that must be followed only by the preachers and holy people’s. If you are able to convict with the sin then also it is not accepted as a Divine and Supernatural Light. It is not a new one that must taught to every people. It is “only gives a due apprehension of those things that are taught in the Word of God”.

This Divine and Supernatural Light do not seem to be connected with the religious ideas. One may have Divine and Supernatural Light without being stimulated by the Religious ideas. It is nothing to do with the Religious Sentiments.

Then many of them may think what is Divine and Supernatural Light? Jonathan Edwards clearly stated that it is not necessary to sense the God, but one can sense the god through his pure heart. He also says that it is the difference of being holy and worshipping the God without understanding the God Knowledge about the lovely heart. The lovely heart who loves the God can do Good things to people. Understanding the Divine and Supernatural Light depends upon the how the person understands the God’s pure heart. One must follow the God’s pure heart and do all the good things in the world. The real sense of the God is One’s Heart who understands what God wants from him.

One has to understand the beauty of the God must be understood first. Mere worship wouldn’t do good to one’s soul. “Destroys the enmity, removes those prejudices, and sanctifies the reason, and causes it to lie open to the force of arguments for their truth” these words completely reveals what god is and the influence of God in us.


Jonathan Edwards reveals that God is the author of the all the Knowledge’s that is prevailing in the world. He states all the inventions and discoveries all because of the knowledge of the God and without God these things are not possible. One has to really understand the meaning of following the God. Follow the God’s heart and do good to people. This is the important point in the Divine and Supernatural Light.

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