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Before the Law

The main idea of the story Before the Law is the attempt to be accepted in a society to which an individual did not belong. In this story, a man from the country is not allowed by the gatekeeper to pass through the gate. The gatekeeper is protecting the law that the people in the society must follow in order to live peacefully and with freedom. This man belongs to a different society whose laws deviate from those of the society into which he wants to be admitted.  The gate is applied as a metaphor to represent the goal that the man is required to achieve before he is allowed to belong to the society. The gatekeeper is used metaphorically to represent the conscious to the requirements of the people in the society behind the gate. Therefore, when the man from the country does not accept the law that is followed by the people, the gatekeeper will not allow him to be among the members of the society.

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      The man from the country is the main character in the story Before the Law. He sat on a stool outside the gate for many years and unfortunately he was not allowed to enter through the gate. It can be understood that the man from the country is not able to do away with the values in the society he was brought up in. The man was brought up in a society of righteous people and he was unable become a member of the society whose people believed in evil doings. He was therefore required to master the demands of the society so that the gatekeeper could open the gate. The people who belong to the society behind the gate live by the guidelines of the society.  

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      The main character finally learned that he could not be able to master the requirements of living peacefully in the society. He tried his best to master the society’s law until he died before achieving his goal. It is possible that the man found it hard to accept the evil characteristics of the society that he wanted to gain entrance into. The gatekeeper told the man that it was possible to gain entrance into the society but not at that moment.