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Assisted Suicide Essay

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After going through a given period of almost common execution, this particular issue pertaining to death penalty remains quite a deeply debated issue. Just as a particular execution takes place, other murders in different places take place, and the very question remains the same; will really death penalty protect the society and assist in curbing murder, or will it just be unable to do it? There are two sides with regard to the heated debate which causes controversy even today, some people oppose when other are proposing and the debate remains unsolved. If the issue is viewed with quite much care and scrutiny, one is bound to come up with the conclusion that death penalty can actually never be considered an upright economical or even moral means of punishment to deter individuals who might commit some capital offences or in any way can it?

Considering the past, capital punishment really scared many and no one would want to hear that the same may be inflicted on them, otherwise the dreaded the stories they heard about an individual who had gone through the same and the what scared people most is the style in which the same was put into practice with. Take a case like in England, the country from which various countries, U.S inclusive, adopted the death penalty, and it was carried out for quite several offences, it being an attempt to discourage people from indulging into crimes. Apparently this particular death, especially when considering the given methods applied to inflict the same on criminals, have varied widely from stones from the one of stoning in the biblical times, the crucifixion method in Rome by the Romans, beheading that was carried out in France, to the ones that are well known in the U.S nowadays; gas chamber, hanging, electrocution, lethal injection and also use of the firing squad. It is notable that there existed some drastic penalties to cater for the serious crimes such as homicide. Execution was regarded as the most appropriate punishment in those days (Barbour, 2002).

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The final sense should crop up from the fact that considering the two contradicting sides pertaining to the debate, the points against the death penalty always outweigh the ones that sides the death penalty. For example the major argument for the ones who are for death penalty being suitable is that this will tend to scare away any other potential criminals who have had a plan to execute the same. However after highlighting and scrutinizing the entire issue, it is apparent that death penalty proves senseless considering that even the criminals themselves are never scared of anything. This requires no much support as one ought to just consider the recent activities that are being carried out by criminals amid the probability of them being subjected to the death penalty (Humphry, 2005).

Are science and religion in conflict?

Amid the battle between creationism and evolution, atheists, the likes of Jerry Coyne, strongly insists that it there really exists a battle between religion and science. Coyne tends to resist accommodating anything to do with religious and non-religious scientists in order to effectively defend Darwinism. He never wanted to see them join strategies against the existing creationist common enemy in a particular perception that victimizes religion. Simply to show that there exists a kind of some sense, he makes an attempt to clearly show that there exists a conflict between science and religion. Apparently it appears to be quite unfortunate for him in regard to the historical record that accommodation and further cooperation appears to have been some default positions in this particular relationship. It is quite sincere that the popular perception of a particular historical perception had remained unshakable. However this has not even deterred all concerned historians from seriously condemning it. The weird fact as pertains to the conflict myth is that most of the evidence to support it is bogus. In addition of how most of the people appear ignorant of the real history, still what they suppose to be conversant with is actually not true.

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The former chestnut encouraged by the church for a long time strongly believed has been severally debunked and now it seems quite senseless to do the same once more. However regardless of the long period of time, actually a couple of years, of strategies by the historians of science, the legend is not even shaken by this. The particular myth that the Catholics made an attempt to ensure the banning of zero seems to have taken root and widely spread in the recent years.

Considering the church, it never at made an attempt to ban the human dissection. It was really amusing to hear the story on the BBC show which is known to pride itself when it comes to puncturing the conventional wisdom. The particular myth that Vesalius, the author associated with the well known book about anatomy that was published on 1543, finally had a run-in together with the Spanish Inquisition, which is still discounted by historians.

In other sections, it was really saddening to note that Both Catholics and Protestants were involved in a despicable practice that entailed burning of heretics. However it is notable that not even a single individual was ever executed as pertains to their scientific views. For quite a long period of time, it was believed that Renaissance thinker Giordano Bruno has passed away owing to his science. But then today it is apparent that he was a renowned occultist whose given support for Copernicus is not all attributed to the scientific views and it was neither the reason that led to his execution.

It is only with Galileo’s trial that put under house the given teaching that the earth goes round the sun, and subsequently the popular perception tends to have much basis on fact. Apparently this given case was seemed to be more won the peoples’ self-esteem as compared to the science. The already raging conflict that exists between science and creationism is at least sufficient, though it is the exception and not really the rule. For most of the history evidenced, religion and science can be said to have rubbed along quite fine. If at all Jerry Coyne actually wanted to promote evolution, it is high time that he joins hands with the scientists who are ready to assist in the same.

Do people need to prove that God exists?

When considering this particular question, one is basically enquiring what kind of proof will be quite sufficient to prove that God exists. How much prove is required? When highlighting about the proof, the main issue here is about establishment of some degree of uncertainty pertaining to something. About the scientific knowledge, it is normally based on some repeated observations, though it is only one kind of knowledge. This given type of knowledge is usually one kind of knowledge. Others may entail historical knowledge, moral knowledge, philosophical knowledge and the personal knowledge. It is for example not possible to proof that King Henry Eighth existed and this is through some scientific, observations and eventually repeated experiments. However when applying the historical approaches it is strongly believed beyond a reasonable doubt that he existed. It is this given phrase that is the key. Considering that not even a single individual person on earth has ever seen Henry, we know beyond reasonable doubt that he existed. This is the same reason that a jury in a court of law has to be assured beyond reasonable doubt and this time round not beyond a shadow of doubt.  This means that science may not be of much help in an attempt to prove that God exists (adulterae, 2005).

However I can be convinced that God exists and this is beyond reasonable doubt. Some of the things that are happening in the current world cannot be just assumed to happen that easily and when considering what science put in place to support the same, there are many gaps gull of doubt that make one believe that another supernatural power exists and that can only be God. For example when considering the scientific approach as pertains to creation of the earth, it is apparent that what science has for us is not really enough to make one convinced. Worst of all sometimes there appears to be some contradiction when different theories try to view differently the same issue. Consider the creation of the earth; science has had hundred of theories all suggesting the different ways in which the world must have come to an existing. Some include the Nebular Cloud theory, the twin Star theory and also the passing star theory. If vat all the theories had some sense of truth, they would have finally come to a common conclusion that was one way. This makes the doubts left be filled by the fact that a supernatural power existed and made all that was once earth, it being God. The entire research shows that people ought to know that really God exists. (religion, 2004).