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Analysis of Child Memory Essay

Childhood Memories Free Essay Example

As a child develops development theories have tried to devise a variety of theories with which to explain observations and discoveries about child development. The theory provides that a child growth is wholly depended on other people within them, if they are misleading the child ends up to imitate them and cannot fit well in the society.

The maturationist theory believes that development in a child is a biological process that occurs automatically in a sequential manner over time and at different stages. Educators and families should not assume that young children will automatically acquire knowledge naturally and grow responsibly without guidance from them. It is such guidance that my mother never provided to me and has negatively affected my adult life to the extent that I cannot fit within the society well. Parents should always teach young children good social live right from the home as they progress to other, levels in life. My underperformance may be interpreted as a child requiring more time to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to perform at this level of live.

The environmentalist theory believes that a child’s environment is very important in shaping their learning and behavior. According to environmentalists human behavior, development, and learning are reactions to the environment and that young children develop and acquire new knowledge by reacting to their surroundings and this is what exactly happened in my case, the environment I have lived in although has fundamentally shaped me and keep relying on current on what I experience presently to determine my future.
The constructivist theory believes that learning and development in young child occur due to their interaction with the environment and people around them. According to   constructivists young children initiate most of the activities required for their learning and development as they actively interaction with the environment and people. My mother never provided these for me and I had no adequate time to interact with other children and effectively learn.

In conclusion, children must be fully guided in their growth and supported fully because on their own they end up missing on very important virtues in life.