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Advances in Police Technology Essay

Police Technology Essay Example for Free

Police Scholars and criminologists are keen to discuss the effectiveness of the technology in reducing the crime in the city. They tried to ensure the safety of the citizens and then make sure that the human rights of every citizen are safeguarded with the help of the technology. The use of technology is been applied to maintain the peace in the state and the information is transformed to other police departments to capture the criminals at the right time. The use of technology is a key thing in the cross border terrorism and the many police institutions are using it to confine the terrorism. Technology also helped them to control the criminal activities by monitoring them round the clock (Technology and the Internationalization of Policing:  A Comparative-Historical Perspective, 2002).

There are some technologies that would help the police to track travelling of the criminals anywhere in the world. This new GPS system is released by the Telespial Systems to locate the place of the any individual. This new system can able to record the date, time, speed, location, altitude and heading at the consistent time interval. This Track stick is looks like a chewing gum that will not visible to anyone with the first sight. It also records the location histories and the date can be transferred to computer using the USB port. Mapping and 3D satellite imaging helps us to find the exact location of the person.

After the September 11 terrorist attack on the United States, many people fear for their lives and they lost the hope on the security system in the country. However there has been the dramatic turnaround in the U.S that the no further attacks are carried in the country. This ensures that the lives of people are safe and there must be a revolution in the technology offered to the police. These situations in U.S pave way for the new developments in the Police technology.

The in-car camera is very effective nowadays to make sure that the Police officer captures the thief in highly professional way. This In-Car camera will be very useful in the recording the crime activities among the public’s as well as in the protests. These systems are improving in a consistent basis and becoming one of the cost effective tools in the Police technology.

The advancement of science and technology has impacts in all fields and especially such advanced technologies are very helpful when it is used in form of security.  There are so many techniques used in police force to prevent innocent people from enemies and criminals. Few of those techniques are Henry system, dactyloscopy, visual surveillance, electronic eavesdropping, latent fingerprinting, lie detector, voice identification and so on. Even though, police department needs up to date technologies to defeat the law breakers in all aspects. The computer technology and advanced gadgets plays very important role in police department because computer related tools are very helpful for police force in detecting and spotting the enemies. Many experts invented useful tools and applications to identify the law breakers and police voluntarily used many other applications for the purpose of crime resolving. Following are few of those inventions used by cops.

Arturito is the crime solving robot which spotted the person missing for more than one year. It located the spot exactly under concrete of 12 feet where the wanted person is.  This robot is invented by Manuel Salinas and its process of design and works are preserved as an industrial secret. It is used for purpose of discovering and scanning. Laser scanner helps to measure and photograph a crime scene accurately this technology is very useful in drunken driving accidents. An application like google earth is very useful in spotting the field or particular area. Switzer land police men arrested 16 peoples and apprehended nearly 1.2 tons of marijuana. This particular farm is easily detected through google earth application.