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A Damning Decision Essay

Free Decisions Making Essay Example

Decision making is one of the pivotal point and a very hard task to accomplish. Easier said than done, most have lived to regret the decisions they once made in life. We can not live without making decisions since it is part of our daily life. However, we should always aspire to think over for repercussions before making our decisions.

Donna Karen, wife to Michael and a mother of five children have always wished to live happily with her family. Since things rarely work out our way without hithches, for Donna, issues seem to crop up one after the other.  Donna has five children, four of them are her natural born children; Dior, Louis, Burberry, and her youngest Chloe all their aged between 14 to 7 years.  Bebe, the fifth child was acquired through her marriage with Michael.

Her husband, Michael Kors had been a Senior Principal Process Engineer at Siemens Corporation. Michael has always been able to provide for the family and their life has not been all that but. Michael was expecting to get a pay rise but this did not happen since he was fired before the increment materialized. He had big plans for the family but this dream was shattered when he got his letter for dismissal. Since her marriage, Donna and her children have been through a bit of a rough patch since.

The relationship between Donna and her stepdaughter has been very rocky. Her stepdaughter has caused her a lot of problems and it has been really hard to establish any type of bond with her.  Lately, she has been going through some rebellious phases and has been really acting out a lot; which has fueled a lot of arguments between Donna and her husband. Bebe has practically shut down and has distanced herself from the other children in the house as well.

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To cater for the family needs, Michael was forced to look for another job which was paying half of what he used to get from Siemens Corporation. Now living off of savings to compensate for his lost wages money has been pretty tight. He’s been going through a lot of emotional and financial pain. Calamities don’t come singly; recently he lost both of his parents and was recently diagnosed with depression. Being the only child, he had to cater for funeral expenses which left the family with a lot of debt. Supporting a family of seven, they had to resort to living in housing accommodations that were less desirable than they were accustomed to, but this was their only option at the time.

Through much struggling to make the ends meet, Michael started applying for online jobs. Luckily, he has been offered a position in two online companies and is making five times his old salary. This has been a true victory for the family. Hopefully, in a year or so they can finally get back to living the way they are accustomed to. Their debt can be paid off and they’ll be able to move into a better house.  Due to the long commute he won’t be able to make it home during weekdays but he’s made arrangements to drive home every weekend.

The working arrangement seems to be working out fine for everybody. The family is in better spirits and even Bebe has started coming around and even bonding with the other children. Everything seems to be going well. Karen has been just ecstatic. She prayed and prayed for a miracle and God has answered her prayers. Wednesday started just like any other day. After Donna prepared meals for the children and having taken sumptuous lunch, Chloe and Bebe, who shares a room decided to go for a siesta. Little did they know that a calamity was waiting in their house. At around 3pm a fire, whose cause could not be established at that particular moment breaks out. All the kids make it out of the house except Chloe and Bebe; Michaels best child.

Both girls are barricaded in their room, and the burglar bars on the window has made it impossible for the girls to get out. Donna tries to go get help from her neighbors, but no one is ready to help. Realizing the situation might get worse, she calls fire brigade who takes less time for emergency response. When the firemen arrive there’s hope. They were able to open a window to a nearby bathroom, but there’s a problem.  The fire has been burning for over twenty minutes and it won’t be long before it reaches the gas water heater in the basement. The fireman manages to maneuver through the window but with the time ticking, they may not able to breakdown the door in time to save both girls and make it out in time.

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Donna has to make a choice and the right decision. Which child does she want the fireman to save? Does she take the selfish route and save her own or her husband’s? Donna would be just devastated if she lost her favorite girl, though her other three were able to make it out the house. She finds hard time in making the decision considering she must make it fast since there is no time to waste. Bebe is her husband’s only child and he’s been through so much already. Coming home to find out that he lost his little girl would absolutely crush him. What would become of Donna though, she’d also be crushed if she lost her child. Her struggle has been just as hard as Michael’s. She’s endured her own pain and shared the pain of her husband. Does that have to come at the cost of her child?  Doesn’t putting someone else’s needs before your own have a limit?

All of a sudden, an idea strikes her and she pleads with the firemen to just do what they can to get both girls out alive. She believes this to be the best thought decision which is both ethical and unbiased. Chloe makes it out safely, she’s just a little shaken. Donna could not hide joy in her face for seeing her child come out safely. This joy is only short lived.  Thank you God, Karen thinks to herself but, the celebration came to a halt when the fireman comes back with Bebe unconscious. She had a pulse but she won’t open her eyes, but there’s still hope. Get to the hospital, Bebe is in a coma, Donna informs Michael. Michael was able to catch a flight and makes it there several hours later. The condition that Bebe is in is a little bit complicated that what the parents though. After a lengthy description of Bebe’s condition, doctor gives the parents some options.

Due to a large amount carbon monoxide Bebe will be unresponsive for awhile and has to be put on life support machine. Not sure how long awhile maybe. So their options are, pull the plug or wait. Waiting could get expensive and if she was to wake up she’s not guaranteed to function normally again. If she were to come out this coma alive she would possibly need in home care for the rest of her life. The family has acquired so much debt already and who knows what the care will be when and if she comes out this coma. Up until just recently Bebe has been nothing but a headache to both her and Michael, but that doesn’t change the love they have for her. Bebe is Michael’s world, and who was Donna to take his world away.  Donna cannot help but to feel that somehow this is her fault. If she was to save her own child she knows that things wouldn’t be the same between her and Michael.

Donna felt like she made her decision based on the overall consequences and what would produce the “better” results (Hartman & DesJardin pg 67).  Immanuel Kant argued a fundamental ethical principle: treat people as subjects capable of living their own lives and not as mere objects that exist for our purposes.   Michael has delivered Donna and her children from a dark place and as a way of appreciating, she had to show love to Bebe. She’s made sacrifices as well but did that have to come at the expense of her child too?  It wasn’t an easy decision. This was the hardest part of making a sober decision in her life. She thought of the outcome and what people would have said had she made a decision of saving her child in expense of the husband’s child. If she was to save her own child people would think she had it out for Bebe and that she never loved her. She could have also told the fireman to save Chloe first but her conscience could not allow. She also had to think about the bigger picture.

If Bebe did not come out of the fire alive, Michael could have been so mad and may be it could have cost her and the kids their livelihood. Could she have sacrificed one child for the sake of the others? According to the Utilitarianism principle if there wasn’t any other alternative giving up one for the sake of others is a valid reason. Immanuel Kant says that people should be treated as an end and not as a means.  Could she walk away from this with a clear concise if she saved all of her children and left Bebe to be consumed by the fire? What would become of her and her children emotionally?   None of that was an option now since a critical decision had to be made, but by the both of them this time. Michael and Donna talked it over and decided that no amount of money is worth the life of their child. Though the many debts they had, they both believed that life is more worth than money and despite the uncertainty of the future health condition of Bebe, they had a duty of giving her the best. They would probably have made a different decision independently, but at that particular time, they decided to give Bebe a fighting chance and pray that she would make a miraculous recovery. It was up to them to make a decision on her life; whether she’s capable of making that decision or not.