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Essay on Global Warming

Post date: July 7, 2017

Global Warming

Global warming is defined as the rise in earth’s surface temperature caused by greenhouse effect. It happens because the greenhouse gases absorb more heat from the sun than they can radiate back. Due to this, the intensity of heat in atmosphere increases. As there are increased levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, there is the thickening of earth atmosphere. This process is called greenhouse effect.

What are the causes of global warming?

The main reasons for global warming are deforestation and industrial emissions that result in an increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of our Earth. Firstly, atmospheric heat is trapped, and then it is absorbed by the greenhouse gases. Ultimately, it causes an increase in the temperature of earth’s surface, which is also known as global warming.

What is the impact of global warming?

Sadly enough, if global warming continues, our world is in great danger. Considering the fact that global warming causes climate change, the world will be getting warmer and warmer with each year. Another consequence of global warming is the rise in sea level, especially taking into consideration four major changes, such as thermal expansion and melting of the mountain glacier, Greenland ice sheet, and Polar ice sheet. Consequently, the coastal cities might be submerged under seawater and swept away. Many islands would be directly affected as well since the majority of them might vanish not only from the earth surface but also from the world map. More concerning issue than changes in sea level is water balance. The problem of water availability is even more serious, isn’t it? Besides, it requires more financial resources in order to be solved. In future, some parts of our world will face water crisis. At the same time, other parts will become wetter than they are now. In addition, it becomes harder to forecast future precipitation or predict the patterns of agricultural changes. As a result, the effects of ecosystems are fairly uncertain and unpredictable. Most importantly, the human health is put at risk due to global warming. In recent years, because of changing climate, there have been reports of major tropical diseases spreading around the world. As it becomes warmer in the majority of places around the globe, more people are likely to be affected and suffer from various tropical diseases.

How to prevent global warming?

In order to control the problem of global warming, it is highly recommended to limit and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. Thus, it is essential to take drastic measures. Firstly, the Laws regarding pollution and greenhouse gases must be obeyed without questions being asked. Secondly, thermal power generating stations should be reduced, since it is one of the major causes of greenhouse gases. Thirdly, it is necessary to keep documents in electronic format in order to save paper. And finally, we must plant more trees that are helpful in terms of reducing the problem of global warming. The key issue in dealing with global warming is to follow these simple tips.