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There is a well-known phrase said by a great English author, William Shakespeare, concerning the power of pen. He said that the sword is not as powerful as the pen. However, even if a writer has a pen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she can write successfully and grab the attention of the reader. As a matter of fact, inspiration is not enough for effective essay writing. In general, English essays are rather formulaic; therefore, you may need some essential skills to write one.

Usually an essay should have a five paragraph structure. Nevertheless, academic papers can sometimes have different requirements regarding structure. In fact, essays that must be completed in the basic high school and college resort to the standard of an essay including introductory paragraph, the first body, the second body, the third body and conclusion. Such structure gives an opportunity for the reader to find the ideas and the most relevant information.

The introductory paragraph

The most important purpose of this part of an essay is to highlight your point of view concerning a certain topic in a thesis. However, an effective essay writer should remember that it is important to begin your composition with a hook. It might be some statistics data that will probably surprise a reader, or a relevant quotation. After the thesis, you are supposed to write a short outline where you can reveal, which examples you are going to provide further. The last sentence of your essay should be connected with the second paragraph and move the reader to the next idea.

Be very careful and attentive while working on introduction. This primary paragraph is your chance to make an amazing first impression. The person who is going to read this essay will pay attention to not only what you are talking about, but also to how you do it.

Paragraphs of the main body

These paragraphs are situated in the middle of an essay. The main thing they need to do is to support in details your position by giving examples that persuade the reader that your argument is objective and worth considering.

Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence. Implement the strongest examples you have. Make it clear why particularly this illustration was used in order to prove the thesis.

You ought to tie all thoughts in a proper way. If you use lots of transitions, but the ideas of your essay are unrelated, then it is not effective. Apart from transitions, keep in mind that your essay should have a logical thread.

Examples must be closely connected to your main argument, which is thesis. If you are too general, you will not be able to prove your main idea.

The conclusion

This final paragraph should include nearly 4 sentences. Following the concluding transition, you ought to suggest a restatement of the theses.

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