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Effective Study Habits You Should Adopt

Post date: February 7, 2017

best study habits

Students often face stress with all the quizzes, projects, essays and exams they have to prepare for. Do you want to find the way to make this burden easier? Then read our tips to learn the study habits of highly effective students!

  1. Use flashcards.

    Write a term or a question on one side and the definition or answer on the other. Learning new information in this way will promote your active memory. Besides, since flashcards utilize spaced repetition (the process of studying the info repeatedly at certain intervals), you will quickly build up your knowledge base and easily recall the materials.

  2. Revise frequently

    It will help you avoid the stress when an important test approaches. There are different ways to revise your materials and study effectively:

  • Make mind-maps

    Put the core concept in the center and draw the branches to connected sections. This method helps connect all the information and find helpful associations.

  • Read aloud

    Do it even if you have to read to yourself. Read repeatedly for the best result.

  • Turn your materials into stories

    Do this in a way that will help someone who’ve never heard this concept before to understand it. This method will help you create new associations and visualizations of the materials to improve information retention.

  • Write keywords

    Reduce each of the concepts you’re studying into one-word topics. You can memorize them using your flashcards and revise them right before your test or exam.

  1. Watch related videos and lectures

    It will certainly help you increase your study effectiveness. Watch YouTube videos or those found on educational websites. There are myriads of information available online today. Make use of it!

  2. Create practice tests basing on your previous tests.

    Make sure to save everything your teacher gives back to you (including your graded papers, tests, quizzes and other assignments). Firstly, it will show your progress. Secondly, it will reveal the areas you need to improve. Last but not least, it will help you learn the test format, structure and questions. Use these materials to create practice tests for yourself. Focus on the questions that are hard for you to eliminate your weaknesses. Or you can order online tests in the best online paper writing service!

  3. Rewrite your notes.

    When you write something by hand, you recall the material much better. It’s a good idea to start writing and rewriting your notes ahead of time to have more time to prepare. During the class, try to write everything in your own words instead of just noting down what the professor says to better understand and retain the material. When you’re rewriting your notes after class, do it in a more organized manner and make a summary of each section. Make bullet points and numbers and create a certain hierarchy between your points. Pay attention to the pieces of information that seem to be harder for you to work them through more thoroughly.

If you acquire these effective study skills, you’re bound to become a successful student!