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Dorm Tricks for College Students

Ways to make your life easier

Dorm life can be quite a challenge for newcomers. Small rooms, no cooking appliances, and people who often forget to clean up. With the following must-know hacks, dorm life will no longer be stressful.

Clever Way to Use a Microwave

No matter whether you have a microwave in your room or somewhere else in the dorm, it will hardly be able to meet everyone’s needs. Don’t panic! You can double its space by using a microwave-safe glass or a mug – just put two bowls in simultaneously. If you put the second bowl on top, it will fit the tiny space and you will be able to save a lot of time.

Make Small Fridges Bigger

Dorm fridges are small. So, you can’t keep your dairy products on the door shelves. You know why? Because they will spoil super quickly. Your home fridge is cold enough to store milk, but small fridges rarely get as low as 32°F, which is the optimal temperature for dairy products. The back of the fridge has fewer temperature fluctuations, which means your milk has higher chances for survival.

Clean Dorm Walls

When students move out, they don’t care about how clean the room, which they leave for the next generations, is. This means that the walls and furniture will be “decorated” with bumper stickers and posters. If you want to get rid of the traces of the person who lived in the room before, you may clean the walls with a hair dryer. Use very hot temperature to melt the adhesive. Then take a few drops of oil (any oil) and apply them on the surface. Now, just use your credit or any other plastic card and that’s it!

Protect Your Shower Caddy

To ensure the cleanness of your shower caddy, prepare a special spray and use it regularly. Magic DIY anti-mold spray: take ¼ cup vinegar and mix it with a cup of water. Find a spray bottle and put the mixture in it. Voila! A cheap and environment-friendly spray to keep you shower caddy clean.

Get that Ketchup Out

In the dining hall, they usually give you these glass bottles, which are still full of ketchup, but you can’t get it out. Just use a straw. Turn the bottle upside down with the straw in it and the tasty liquid will flow out.

How to Cool Drinks If You Have No Fridge?

Do you have some drinks, which could be tasty, if they were not so warm? How do you get them cold if you don’t have a fridge? You might be surprised, but the fastest way to cool liquid has nothing to do with a refrigerator. Grab a container, put a layer of ice and salt, pour some water and plunge the bottles with your warm drinks inside. Just a few minutes, and there is no thirst!  Only remember that you can’t cool beer this way until you are twenty-one.

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