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Observation Essay Examples as a Prompt for Observation Essays Writing

Observation essay examples can help you not only understand how to write an observation essay but also realize what observation essay really is. Among different types of essays, observation essay gives students an opportunity to express their own impression of some item, event or a person. 

By using observation essay sample, you can cope with your task easier, as it will provide all necessary information on paper structure and the ways to write it regardless of the essay topics.

The following article also provides useful observation essay tips.

If you look at an online observation essay example, you will see that its aim is to share personal experience connected to some event in your life. However, it has to be done in a way to make the readers interested in something that was interesting to you. Different observation essay examples can give you a hint on how to do it properly.

Personal Experience

The most important in observation essay writing is personal experience. However, a good paper requires more sophisticated approach. You have not only to share your emotions and feeling but also to do it in a professional manner. It requires describing events chronologically and in details. In this case, taking notes will be useful.


Essay writing examples can make you aware of the observation essay structure. Generally, it consists of the main parts, which include:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

The aim of all the parts of the essays is to make a reader familiar with the situation and provide detailed description of the event.

College essay samples or examples of college essays, as well as example essay, or any other essay sample will help you understand the essence, the aim and the purpose of observation essay much better.