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Increase Your Hotel Savings

Posted date: February 28, 2017 increase-your-hotel-savings


Hotel costs tend to increase every year, so you need to know some more ways to save your money, except for only choosing the lowest nightly rate. After all, as you know the cheapest hotels are usually not good. Consider our tips before you book a room and while you’re staying there to pay less and still live in good hotels! Tips to save on hotel costs

  1. Look for extra services. Look for something you are actually going to use. It can be free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, free meals for kids, free tea or coffee in the hotel lobby, bowl of fruits, etc. All of them are included in your room rate, so make sure you’ll use them.
  2. Be a rewards member. If you tend to stay at the same hotel or hotel chain, sign up for them to become a rewards member. You can collect points and then use them for free nights. Another advantage is being updated of new deals before others.
  3. Stay in hotels outside the city center. Hotels are usually much cheaper if they’re located outside the city center. If public transport is convenient, it’s a perfect choice!
  4. Go out to eat. Usually, prices in the hotel menu are much higher than those at a nearby restaurant. Therefore, even though room service sounds good, you should better eat out. And even if you order something into your room, don’t tip the waiter as gratuity is commonly already included into the bill.
  5. Upgrade to a suite. If you travel in a big company, keep in mind that it will be cheaper to take a suite rather than separate rooms. Suites often have several bedrooms, so you will have some privacy and won’t have to live with everyone else in the same space.
  6. Ask for a corner room. Even though the price for a corner room is the same, you will still have a better deal as this room will most likely be larger. To make sure that you will get this room, come to the hotel closer to the check-in time, but earlier than other guests appear. Or, call and book a corner room in advance.
  7. Avoid the weekend. Prices in touristic hotels are usually higher on the weekend, so better book other week days, if possible.
  8. Book in a business minded hotel. On weekends and holidays, these hotels usually drop their prices since business is slow on these days. Try to get a room there if you travel on the weekend.
  9. Bring your own snacks or hit the grocery store. Avoid taking anything from a mini bar in your room at any cost. You know that the prices of everything there are outrageous. Take some food with you or go to the nearest shop to grab some.
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