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Many students consider that writing paper assignments takes up far too much of their time during a semester. Consequently, they have a choice between spending their time studying for exams, completing lab projects and doing their other class assignments, or spending all of it working on just one essay. The smart student will strike a compromise and hire for writing paper assignments. As a result, this frees him to work on other important school projects, and he still is going to make high grades!

Since 1995, has been one of the most highly acclaimed online writing services in the industry. Right after we began our business, we have been writing custom papers for thousands of students worldwide. Students often write to ask us the questions such as, «Will you finish writing my paper before its deadline?”and we are always happy to inform them that we guarantee that it will be delivered due to deadline given. Our writers are reliable experts at writing paper assignments that adhere to all the rules, regulations and requirements that the professors set forth for their students.

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Admittedly, we are famous for being one of the most trustworthy companies, truly dedicated to writing papers for money that result in great grades as well. For us, a process of writing custom papers is a serious business.  When students ask us,”Will you do a good job writing my paper?» we assure them that we will for sure. That is our primary goal, to create an excellent work at an affordable price. Writing papers for money is only a small part of our job indeed. The greatest emphasis is placed on making our customers happy and satisfied with what they get from us.

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Unlike other online writing companies, we do not sell generic, prewritten papers. Our competent writers spend their time and effective skills for writing paper assignments that are fully customized, interesting to read, and technically perfect. When students buy a custom essay from, they get the very best writing in the industry, executed by an elite, hand-picked group of writers who have many years of experience, and who are exceptionally well educated and trained.

There are dozens of writing services on the Internet that splash about the words, “Cheap Price!” as a hook to get students to use their so-called, “services”.  This can be a grave mistake for any student. The “Cheap price” that many of these companies offer ends up being far more expensive than the students first thought, and often, these companies sell plagiarized work instead of a custom essay. It worth emphasizing that plagiarism can be grounds for expelling a student from his university.  Please do not take that chance and do not risk your academic career!

At, each time a student buys a custom essay, it is guaranteed not to be plagiarized. When students buy any service from, it is legitimate for 100%….no tricks, no deception. We are a genuine writing service that exists to help students succeed in their school work.

One more thing that distinguishes from other writing services is our deep dedication to excellence. While some writing companies plagiarize or write poorly, we only produce work that will result in great grades for the students who buy it from us. The core of our company is comprised of world-class writers. Without excellent writers, no writing service is worth its weight in salt. This is why we so carefully screen our staff before we hire them.

We also differ from other writing services by offering the most comprehensive set of guarantees of any writing service. There are 16 individual guarantees that help protect our customers’data and that take the risk out of doing business with us. Thus, we guarantee complete confidentiality, unlimited rewrites, unlimited amendments, no plagiarism and many other pleasant things that assure our customers that they are safe turning their important written assignments over to us. Please let us assist you today!