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Have you ever looked online for a writing service and found ads that say things like, “Writing a Essay for Cheap Price”?  One just has to question the integrity of a writing service that cannot even write correctly in their online ads, but sadly, students still fall for the “cheap price” hook, regardless of how bad the writing is. Unfortunately, if a writing company places an ad that says anything about “writing a essay” (rather than writing an essay), it is doubtful that the writing service in question is going to produce A+ work.  At, however, A+ work is the only work that we produce.

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Once or twice a year, we get a lot of requests for writing an essay for scholarship funds.  During other times of the year, we receive a lot of special requests for writing other types of essays.  Regardless of whether we are asked to engage in writing an essay for scholarship funds or for some other type of custom essay, our writers are able to do it, and do it quite well.  Writing an essay is second nature to each of our online writers, because they have such extensive experience doing this.  Our company has been writing college essay assignments, in fact, for more than 15 years!

During the time in which they have been writing college essay assignments for students, our writers have perfected the custom essay.  Students can buy a perfect custom essay from us, that has no mistakes in it, one that is well conducted and that can get them a score of A+. We are the only online writing service that so consistently helps students get the highest possible scores on their work.   Writing an essay that is perfect gives each of our writers the satisfaction of a job well done. Writing an essay that will help a student get an A+ tells our writers that they are contributing to the success of someone’s college education.  There is no more gratifying feeling than that!

Order Essay in TopDissertation

At times, students express concerns about doing business with an online writing service, and rightfully so.  The risks of plagiarism, credit card fraud and other untoward things can be high, if a student uses the wrong writing service.  However, our iron-clad guarantees are put into place to offer students a total protection.  Every transaction with is completely secure and safe, beginning with using our easy-to-navigate website.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal.  Students can place their orders with us knowing that they are using a fully secure website.  Furthermore, we do not sell our customer’s information to any third parties, as many writing services do.  Online marketing companies offer good money for this information, but we feel that protecting our customers is far more important than earning a little extra money.  We will leave things of that nature to the less honest writing companies. Thus, we guarantee that this will never happen with!

We realize that using an online writing service might be a sensitive matter for some students.  For that reason, we give our customers the assurance of a guarantee that all transactions between and our customers are kept strictly confidential, without any exception.   We utilize a number system that identifies our customers by number rather than by name, just to keep things even more confidential.

Our customer service agents are waiting to answer your questions and to help you place your first custom essay order.  Please visit, register for a new account, and let us help you change your whole college experience into a better, more productive one.