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There are four different types of essays: descriptive, argumentative, narrative and exposition. Each of these essays has a particular intent and purpose. Some give a description of something as others tell a story or present other views different from the ones given initially on a certain subject.

Essays of a descriptive nature contain information that gives light on the characteristics and traits of objects, people, feelings, events among many other things explicitly.

It merely involves story telling from a particular perception, and there is normally the objective of telling such a kind of story. Narrative essays will have a setting, the characters involved in the tale, the plot and the climax. Plot is the emphasis given by the story and is normally presented in a chronological manner even though there can be flash backs and flash forwards.  Get personal narrative essay now!


As the name suggests, the writer makes an effort of convincing the reader by way of demonstrating the falsity or the truth concerning a given topic. The position of the writer will always be presented along with specific kinds of evidence like opinions or statistics given by experts.

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The writer will, therefore, not give a mere opinion, but will make an argument against or for a subject; and whatever the argument is made, data should be provided to support it making sure you get the best custom essay. To succeed in writing an essay in an argumentative approach, a lot of research is required to back up all the points that are taken for or giants the topic.


Essays for purposes of exposition can explore, compare and discuss issues or even tell out a story. Exposition writing provides information concerning different topics to the ultimate reader.

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