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When  people think of online writing services, they often think that these services only offer uncomplicated essays.  Many of them do.  However, in addition to custom essay writing, offers a wide array of different types of writing projects.  For example, our professional writers can do personal statement writing, reaction paper writing, article critique writing, film reviews, book reports and much, much more.

Many of our writers were freelance writing professionals before they were hired for dedicated writing positions at  Now, they write exclusively for us, and strictly follow our high standards for quality.   Therefore, it matters not if they are doing personal statement writing, reaction paper writing, article critique writing or some other type of academic writing.  Students can always count on the fact that the quality will be excellent.

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When students apply to universities, they are often asked to give a personal statement about a specific topic, or about their own philosophy, depending upon the requirements of the admissions committee.  This is called, “personal statement writing.”  For some, writing about themselves is excruciatingly difficult, and for many, these papers can ramble and be disorganized.  This is where the professional writers at can really help.

People who advertise their freelance writing in newspapers or campus publications, generally do not have the same standards of high quality that the writers from have.  When students buy personal statement writing online from, they receive an essay that has been fully custom written.  This means that the student has real input into the paper’s outcome.

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When students buy custom essay papers online from, they need not worry about risk or paying high prices for high quality work.   For an exceptionally cheap price, they can still buy an essay that will be  considered A+ worthy by any college professor.  There is no risk involved, because despite the cheap price, every essay is fully guaranteed.  In fact, we are the only online writing service that offers an extensive  list of guarantees that we do.

All personal statement writing or other academic writing that is performed by our experienced team of writers, is guaranteed against plagiarism.  We have state-of-the-art software with which each document is scanned.  After it has been cleared, the software issues an anti-plagiarism report that we are happy to offer our customers free of charge.  We take extra precautions with regard to plagiarism, because most universities come down very hard on students who attempt to turn in plagiarized work.  Some even expel the student altogether.  We never want to see anything like that happen to our valued customers.  Other writing services do not make the effort to scan for plagiarism, and will as easily sell a plagiarized document as they falsely advertise their original work. guarantees that no essay will ever be turned in late for a deadline.  The reason for this is that many professors refuse to accept papers that are turned in late.  Therefore, if a student attempts to order a paper within 20 minutes of a deadline, we will refuse the order rather than instill false hope.  Some writing companies would go ahead and take the student’s money, then return a plagiarized or poorly written document.  So long as we have at least 6 hours notice, can deliver a well written essay in time to meet any deadline.

At, we take genuine interest in the success of our customers.  We want them to succeed, both because we really care, and also because their success leads to our success as an online writing service.  Please, visit our website the next time you need assistance with your academic writing.