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There are numerous challenges for students who try to accomplish writing a great custom essay. Instead they can purchase an essay from the respected essay service for a reasonable price.

Listed below are common difficulties that students have while trying to write an essay

  • It is difficult to select an appropriate and interesting topic. The quality of the paper is greatly dependent on the ability of the student to relate the essay topic to the society. Moreover, each part of the structure should interrelate and create nice flow to the essay in order to create, support and exemplify the initial idea.
  • It is challenging to define and support the student’s point of view throughout the manual. Students may avoid making cheap and useless mistakes by following the grammar rules to guide the flow of thought. Clearly identifying first, second and third arguments by numbering them is one of the options to improve essay papers. Also, formulations like “moreover”, “therefore”, “however”, “on the other hand” are crucial in writing an excellent paper.
  • Some students ignore the fact that they are supposed to prove the thesis that they stated. Instead they pose a question.
  • Students intermix their own ideas with claims of other people. Quotes from other people are not helpful in answering the general question of the essay.
  • It takes a lot of time to check references in order to avoid plagiarism, which is a very serious requirement in every respected university or college.
  • Students face problems with proper essay structure.

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Order Essay in TopDissertation

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