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A research paper or any other kind of paper written by students shows the outcome of a person’s evaluation on a certain topic. At times the essay paper is to be written to discuss the evaluations conducted by others on that specific topic. The approach taken by the paper could at times be conflicting in nature and seek to attain a conclusion. The end results that the writer gives mainly depend on the evaluation that the writer conducted along with other people’s research. The result realized in the entire process is a very unique creation. The experience got from the gathering of data from different sources, interpretation of ideas, propositions stated in conclusion can be very useful in the process of learning. Research process on various topics follows a specific procedure.

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Writing thesis, a term paper or a dissertation follows certain steps as follows:

  • Choosing subject topic – the topic should be interesting and the student needs to understand it. The writer’s attitude counts a lot in the final work that will be delivered. The domain of the subject should not be too big otherwise it will make it difficult to handle the writing. As a matter of fact, being specific about the topic avoids topics that would need a lot of technical data and information outside the domain chosen.
  • Research – in-depth research from relevant sources concerning the topic is useful in writing from a well informed point of view.
  • Simplicity – this is important while presenting the points. The argument should be stated in about 2-3 lines for the audience to clearly see the writer’s approach.
  • Outline formulation – writing the basic headings to depict what needs to be addressed.
  • Systemize information collected – information should flow in a certain order that enables the reader to understand the writing clearly and understand the details of the paper.
  • Draft – write a rough copy highlighting the main sections and points. All this is to be well elaborated through editing and rewriting in the final fine copy.

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