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Our average research rate is proportional to the effort we put in preparing quality customs papers. These rates may be slightly higher than several other custom writing companies floating on the internet. It is obvious. When we asked Reebok Shoe Company about higher prices of their shoes, they told us that it is easy to get 50% to 60% perfection in shoe making. But as you rise the percentage of perfection the research and development associated with it is enormous. The cost price rises exponentially. They said that they have attained 87.9% perfection in their costliest shoe. You can well imagine the price of a 100% perfect pair of shoes. A BMW sedan is costlier than Saturn. Should we tell you the difference? But there are companies which would recondition an old and rusty Saturn and shall try to sell the same to ignorant customers. You shall find several custom paper writing companies selling low quality, plagiarized paper wrapped in the golden label of cheap price. Customs paper written by Premiumqualityessays dazzles like a star in the dark sky of a new moon.

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Perfection in writing articles reflects the ongoing style of writing. Nobody writes the way Shakespeare and Thomas hardy used to write. Presently, we follow the writings of George Orwell and Henry Miller. “An Essay on Criticism” by Alexander Pope is considered to be best till date. According to Wikipedia “William Shakespeare’s style borrowed from the conventions of the day, while at the same time adapting them to his needs”.

Taking orders for customs paper is a great responsibility. We have to check out every specification and guideline conveyed to us by customers. The variation in the requirement is quite diversified. Great universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and California have different set of rules and guidelines. We shall also not forget that customs paper must not be plagiarized. Writing for others is altogether a different spadework than writing for oneself. In the latter case, one knows the boundaries and guidelines within which one has to write a custom paper.

Order Essay in TopDissertation

Though we try to complete a custom paper exactly as specified by a customer, still we are not sure of the reaction of the receiving customer. This is natural. The student customer knows his academic environment very well. We try to adopt the guidelines of a particular institution by averaging out several orders from the same university. But as we said, the literature gets colored everyday with the changing environment and liking of particular phrases and set of words. One may consider “course correction” to be a phrase used in road maps. These days it is used in politics and economics.  A writer of custom paper must keep himself updated and upgraded.

We have hired over 600 great writers from US, UK, Canada and Australia. These writers are highly qualified in different disciplines. They are highly proficient in adopting any style of writing such as APA.MLA, Chicago, Harvard and Turbian. These writers can deliver a 10 page custom paper in hours with enough citation and referencing of sources. To top this excellence is the fact that one will not find even a minute trace of plagiarism in their writing. You may be aware that teachers like several references. They are of the view that it shows the volume of information surfed, studied and taken notes of by a student. You also know that teachers hate plagiarism, the most. Great companies are known by their ever upgrading approach. We also continue our endeavor to incorporate newer subjects and newer topics in our fold. We keep on selecting and retaining new writers making names in the custom written paper world.

We write custom papers for students with a view that they would read them carefully and try to imbibe the structuring, styling and composing in their writing before submitting the paper as assignment. If a student is able to memorize use of 10 new words from one of our custom papers then we feel that we are on the right path. If a student writes an essay himself after getting inspiration  from our custom paper and get an A or A+ grade then we know that we are #1 on the international map of custom writing.

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