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For the many years that students spend in school, writing a research essay or a general essay is a necessary evil which they cannot do away with. The teachers use essays in different ways to assess the knowledge of a student concerning a certain topic or subject. This is different from where students have multiple choice answers and they are expected to choose the correct ones from the rest. While this approach is still common in some schools especially the elementary ones it cannot adequately be used to evaluate the knowledge that a student has concerning a particular subject or topic. For this reason the practice of writing a research essay or a general essay at schools has spread to almost all parts of the world.

Essay writing may take several forms depending on the objectives of the lecturer. In other words the format that a particular essay will take is pegged on the information that the lecturer wants to capture from students. For instance a literature lecturer who wants to gauge whether his students have read and understood a certain text may issue an essay requiring them to write a synopsis of the text. This way, he will be able to gauge the level of understanding of the text amongst all his students.

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There is also another type of an essay where the teacher does not ask the students to write on a specific topic but rather asks an open question for example the students’ opinion, which may be personal, concerning a certain issue or phenomenon. This can also be used to test the understanding of the student as far as a certain topic is concerned. Of importance to note, however, is the fact that this type of an essay can be used to test the creativity of the students and their ability to generate new ideas or new ways of looking into the state of affairs.

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In addition to testing the above, the essay writing custom in schools has also been credited for its ability to test the ability of students to communicate ideas in an effective manner. The students’ command of language and creativity is also tested by this. Furthermore, the essay writing custom has gained popularity since it is the only way in which a lecturer or a teacher can test other aspects of a student like the ability of a student to organize ideas into a logical sequence.

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