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Writing a good essay is not a simple task, especially if you would like to get the highest grade for it. For some students it is very difficult, so they prefer to buy a+ essay, and some people really write good essays by themselves.

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Even if a person has good writing skills and is used to write the academic papers, it is not easy to write custom essay papers from scratch. Moreover, in the most cases it is impossible to predetermine the future grade of the paper. But there are some rules which supposedly will help you to write a good custom essay:

  • Always write an essay from scratch. It is better if you use more of your own ideas than just use the ideas of the other people. If a paper is written from scratch, it has more chances to receive the highest grade, than if it is just rewritten from the opened public sources. Be sure that your teacher knows all these sources well, as there is always a chance that they have already read the other students’ essays before.

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  • Let your custom essay be 100% original. If a paper is just copy-pasted from the web sources or just mechanically retyped from the print sources, it will never receive a high grade. Moreover, it is possible that the student will be excluded from the college or university for plagiarism. So, as you see, risks are too high, so try to be authentic in your writing.
  • Write without any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes. If you can not write carefully, let your friends read the written paper – that will help you to avoid any grammar or spelling mistakes. In some cases it is really better to simply buy a+ essay than write it, if you do not have developed writing skills or the sense of language and style.
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